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“The Old-Nordic Influence on the Genesis of Freemasonry.”

by Arvid Ystad

A new theory presents the origin of Freemasonry, as a direct continuation from the Old Norse religion that the Scandinavian settlers and Vikings brought with them to England and Scotland in the Viking Age. This new theory is based partly on Medieval English documents that claim this transformation was done in York, England under king Athelstan’s reign. Traces of the old Freemasonry are found all over Scandinavia. The Icelandic author Snorre Sturlasson and his contemporary, the Danish author Saxo, both describe rites of initiations. We find very similar rites in first and third degree in Freemasonry today. This new theory can explain a number of features of the masonic rituals that are otherwise completely incomprehensible. The presentation will give a broad overwiev over some of the archeological and litterary findings that support this theory.

Arvid Ystad was born in Moss, Norway in 1942, by parents Romund Ystad (sivilingeniør and Xth degree Freemason) and Helene Ystad. Arvid is sivilingeniør from NTNU in Trondheim and has an MBA from Insead in Fontainebleau. He has been engaged in industry, consulting and banking in his working career and has been a Freemason for 32 years. As a pensioneer, he decided to find the origin of Freemasonry, based on what his father told him at the table the night of his own initiation. This resulted in the book Frimurerne i vikingtiden, Pax Forlag, 2016. The coming book of Arvid Ystad shows the role of the Twin Gods and the initiation rites in the religion and in the belief systems of the ruling classes. The book will end in the Old Testament with the myths of David and Solomon.

Lunch: 12.30 h
Do you want to participate, please inform Brother Pierre Noël in due time, before May 20th 2019.

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