“of any kind”

When I created the ‘subreddit‘ I opted for the description: “A subreddit for people who are both pagan / heathen (of any kind) and Freemason (of any kind).” There were two reasons for that. First, I didn’t want to have the “regular” versus “irregular” discussions on that board, there are better places for that. Also I didn’t want a Wiccan to feel less welcome than an Asatruar. Of course, “of any kind” is a much wider description.

I noticed that the Facebook page has started to attract people from the far East (at least, judging their names). That made me think: sure, a Hindu of Sikh may have equally interesting things to say as myself with my more ‘Germanic approach’.

So I looked around a little to see if there are more people active on the world wide web with variations to the ‘Masonic heathens’ theme. My initial conclusion: not so much.

There is the fairly well-known news that in Canada there is (or perhaps: used to be by now) a Sikh Grand Master. I have found nothing how this man integrates his faith with Freemasonry though.
Then there is a man (a non-Mason) who wrote a book in which he explores “Earth Mother” or “Goddess” symbolism in Freemasonry. The entire book can be bought in print, as an ebook or read online.

Last, but not least, there is fairly outdated (last update 2014) blog of Arthur Hendrickson with two articles (2011 and 2013) about Buddhism and Freemasonry (see here and here).

Quite a small harvest. Perhaps one of you has more suggestions, or personal stories to share?

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