Öndvegissúlur, or high-seat pillars, were a pair of wooden poles placed on each side of the high-seat—the place where the head of household would have sat—in a Viking-period Scandinavian house. (Wikipedia)

Inside, quite like the two pillars of a Masonic temple. The two pillars at the entrance of King Solomon stood outside. Then again, the Öndvegissúlur would have been in the “North” of a Masonic temple as they were places alongside the seat of the head of household.

Then Thorolf cast overboard the pillars of his high-seat, which had been in the temple, and on one of them was Thor carven (Eyrbyggja saga, source).

Thor, “strength” in the tripartite system of Georges Dumézil. A nice comparison to column B∴ The other pillar is not described, but if it was anywhere near comparable to J∴ that would be way too convenient, would it not?

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